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Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
A proposed Texas immigration bill would potentially impose jail time on anyone who hires an illegal immigrant... unless that illegal immigrants works as domestic help.

Texas' proposal to kick out all illegal immigrants (except the maids)

A Texas Republican wants to fine or even jail anyone who hires an illegal immigrant... unless that illegal immigrant works in your yard or house. Huh?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
The filmmaker behind the viral video claims that it costs U.S. taxpayers roughly $4 million to build each mile of border fence.

The U.S.-Mexico border fence that can be scaled in 18 seconds

Just how easy is it to illegally enter the U.S.? Two young women show how to do it in less time than it takes to explain "comprehensive immigration reform"

Immigration Reform : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: A DREAM bill that's more like a nightmare

Harry Reid's legislation to provide amnesty for illegal aliens has no chance of passage. Here's why that's good news

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Rep. Steve King is leading the campaign to deny "birthright citizenship."

The GOP war on 'anchor babies'

Blocking citizenship for U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants is a top priority for some House Republicans. Can they do it?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs: Immigration 'hypocrite' or liberal-media target?

The Nation charges the famously anti–illegal immigration talking head with employing illegals on his swanky estates. Hypocrisy or "hit job"?

Immigration Reform : Best Column
Not everyone found Colbert's Congressional testimony amusing.

Stephen Colbert's toxic irony

The "jokes" in his Congressional tesimony were just old-fashioned bullying, says Jonah Goldberg at the National Review

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Stephen Colbert broke character, briefly, during his opening and closing statements.

Stephen Colbert's testimony: 'Inappropriate' or incisive?

Republicans, and even some Democratic leaders, say having Colbert testify in character was a mistake. Are they missing the punch line?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Not everyone found Colbert's Congressional testimony amusing.

Stephen Colbert's 'embarrassing' congressional testimony [video]

The comedian appeared before a House subcommittee, in character, to push for immigration reform

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
A fence separates the cities of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora Mexico, a frequent crossing point for illegal immigrants.

Has the recession solved illegal immigration?

A new Pew report says unlawful immigration has dropped sharply as jobs have dried up. Will this news cool down the red-hot immigration debate?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
A baby born to immigrant parents from Guatemala.

The illegal immigrant baby boom

A new study says 1-in-12 U.S. newborns have at least one parent who's an illegal immigrant. Should that change the debate over immigration reform?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
A baby born to immigrant parents from Guatemala.

The great 'anchor baby' debate

Leading Republicans say the 14th Amendment's guarantee of citizenship shouldn't apply to kids of illegal immigrants. Political posturing, or common sense?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
An amnesty memo hints that Obama might try to sidestep immigration reform.

Will Obama 'circumvent' Congress on immigration reform?

Conservatives say a leaked memo indicates the administration may grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, even over lawmakers' objections

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Could Evangelicals help Obama win the immigration battle?

Can Evangelicals save Obama's immigration reform?

Just as everyone has written off immigration reform, it looks like President Obama will get an unlikely assist from the Religious Right

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Can Obama deliver comprehensive immigration reform?

Obama's 'out of nowhere' immigration speech

The president has just given his first speech on immigration since taking office. Has anything changed?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
The town of Fremont, Nebraska wants to ban immigrants from settling there.

Fremont, Nebraska: The town that banned immigrants

Is the latest local crackdown on illegal immigration justified — and will it work?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Obama is beefing up the Mexican border. Some critics are asking, "why now?"

Why is Obama sending troops to the Mexican border?

The president is sending 1,200 National Guardsmen to help secure America's southern border. Is this part of a strategy to pass immigration reform?

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