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Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Harry Reid and Senate Democrats unveiled a plan for immigration reform yesterday. Are their intentions pure?

The Dems' immigration bill: Policy or point-scoring?

Democrats are set to unveil immigration reform proposals, but GOP critics say it's a "cynical" attempt to impress Hispanic voters

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Lindsay Graham

'Outing' Sen. Lindsey Graham

A conservative activist says the moderate GOP senator is a closeted gay who's being blackmailed into supporting immigration reform. Is Graham being slimed?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
America 2010: More minority babies than white ones

The end of white America?

Minority births will exceed white births in the U.S. this year, say experts. How long before America's a "minority-majority" nation?

Immigration Reform : Opinion Brief
Would it be an invasion of privacy to make all Americans carry an ID, complete with their fingerprints?

A national ID card in 2010?

A new attempt at immigration reform may require a biometric ID card for all working Americans. Privacy advocates aren't pleased

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