Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
A Goldman Sachs trader on the New York Stock Exchange Floor: The financial firm is conducting an internal review following a damning op-ed from a former employee.

Goldman Sachs' 'muppet' probe: A serious effort to reform?

The firm undertakes a new internal investigation, but critics suspect it's just a whitewash to contain the fallout from a hugely embarrassing New York Times op-ed

Goldman Sachs : Burning Question
Despite the controversy and criticism surrounding Lloyd Blankfein, nearly 19 in 20 Goldman Sachs employees approve of their CEO.

Will Goldman Sachs' CEO survive Greg Smith's 'devastating' rant?

Lloyd Blankfein is in the crosshairs after a former employee accuses the company of ripping off its clients

Goldman Sachs : The List
The Goldman Sachs headquarters in lower Manhattan: Former executive Greg Smith's public rant gives an inside look at the investment bank's allegedly toxic internal culture.

Greg Smith's 'devastating' Goldman Sachs resignation rant

The former exec channels Jerry Maguire, dramatically quitting his job in a New York Times op-ed, and describing Goldman as "toxic and dangerous"

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
The Goldman Sachs booth at the New York Stock Exchange: The banking heavyweight's $428 million quarterly loss doesn't bode well for the New York City economy.

Goldman Sachs' $428 million loss: What does it mean?

Amid market turmoil, the investment banking giant posts a rare loss for the third quarter — inspiring both ominous predictions and shrugs

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
One of the country's largest investment banks is laying off at least 1,000 high-paying, skilled workers, and outsourcing the jobs to Singapore.

Goldman Sachs' 'troubling' outsourcing plan

After taking a massive bailout from American taxpayers, Goldman Sachs plans to fire 1,000 U.S. workers and replace them with staffers in Singapore

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
CEO Lloyd Blankfein, and other Goldman Sachs executives, could still face criminal prosecution two and a half years after their alleged wrongdoings.

Goldman Sachs execs: Going to jail, after all?

Sen. Carl Levin says the bank misled its clients and Congress and that Goldman executives could still face charges. How likely is that?

Goldman Sachs : Instant Guide
Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta, one of the most well-connected men on Wall Street, is being accused of carrying out a major insider trading scheme.

Goldman Sachs, Warren Buffett, and the 'ultimate insider' scandal

Rajat Gupta, a high-powered former Goldman Sachs director, has been accused of outrageously shady dealing by the SEC. Here's an instant guide

Goldman Sachs : Fact Sheet
While more diversified banks such as JP Morgan fared relatively well, fourth-quarter profits at Goldman Sachs plummeted.

3 reasons why Goldman Sachs' profits have tumbled

Profits at the Wall Street giant declined by 52 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010. What's behind this reversal of fortunes?

Goldman Sachs : Best Column
Goldman executives tell analysts they won't experience any kind of pay cut.

Why Goldman Sachs is expecting to make as much money as ever

Financial reform should have made it hard for Goldman to make money off reckless bets, says Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, but it's not working out that way

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
Goldman Sachs wants employees to watch their language.

Goldman Sachs' ban on email swearing

The Wall Street bank has banned swearing in emails. Will Goldman's new ban dirty words clean up its corporate image?

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
More worries for Goldman Sachs?

Did Goldman Sachs provoke a world hunger crisis?

A nonprofit accuses the bank's traders of starving people by dramatically bidding up prices for wheat, corn and rice. Is that fair?

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
Goldman Sachs' CEO Lloyd Blankfein has some explaining to do.

Are Goldman's best days behind them?

Goldman's (relatively) bad quarter has killed its air of invincibility, some analysts say. Can the elite Wall Street bank recapture the magic?

Goldman Sachs : Winners and Losers
Goldman Sachs has to pay $550 million. Is that enough?

Goldman Sachs' SEC settlement: Winners and losers

Goldman Sachs' $550 million fraud settlement is the largest ever paid by a Wall Street firm. But who came out ahead?

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
Some think Goldman's immaculate profitability is downright criminal.

Goldman's (suspiciously) perfect 63-day trading run

Adding fuel to the anti-Goldman Sachs fire, the Wall Street firm says it made a profit on every trading day last quarter. Does this prove the system is rigged?

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
Still on the job: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

Will Goldman Sachs dump Lloyd Blankfein?

Senior figures at Goldman Sachs are reportedly mulling over the future of chief executive Lloyd Blankfein. Can he survive in the top job?

Goldman Sachs : Opinion Brief
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein fends off reporters after a federal hearing.

Should Goldman Sachs just settle?

Commentators argue over whether the powerful Wall Street firm should strike a deal to end its legal troubles — or fight to clear its name

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