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2010 Census Protests

2010 Census Protests : Opinion Brief
Journalist James O'Keefe says he's uncovered corruption within the Census, but others aren't so sure.

James O'Keefe's 'clueless' Census sting

Self-proclaimed investigative journalist James O'Keefe says Census workers are scamming taxpayers out of millions. Is he right?

2010 Census Protests : Opinion Brief
Karl Rove continues his book tour.

Can Karl Rove save the 2010 Census?

The conservative icon has made a PSA urging everyone to participate the Census, which is being boycotted by some on the right

2010 Census Protests : Opinion Brief
Critics say a boycott of the census won't do the GOP any favors.

Are conservatives committing Census suicide?

Some say conservative voters are shooting themselves in the foot by heeding politicians' calls to boycott the Census  

2010 Census Protests : Twitter Take
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The latest Tweets on 'GOP and the 2010 Census'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from around the world

2010 Census Protests : In-depth briefing
It's time - once again - for Americans to be counted.

Census Bureau: The counting of America

Amid partisan bickering, the Census Bureau is gearing up for its once-a-decade survey. How much does the census matter?

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