-Mysteries of Space
Thousands of colorful spiral galaxies existing billions of light years away are revealed in this shot, an amalgamation of 10 years of NASA Hubble Space Telescope photographs.

Revealed: The deepest view of the universe ever recorded

NASA researchers showcase an ultra-detailed composite portrait of one of space's farthest corners

-Future of the GOP
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie comforts a victim of Superstorm Sandy on Nov. 1.

Did Hurricane Sandy make Chris Christie a lock for re-election?

The New Jersey governor got a huge ratings boost from his storm response, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be unstoppable in 2013

-China Rising
A worker at a car parts plant in Shenyang, China: Europe's debt crisis has hurt China's exports by kneecapping one of the most reliable markets for Chinese goods.

Has the dreaded China crash finally arrived?

China's leaders are warning that the country, a reliable engine for the global economy in recent years, is facing "huge downward pressure"

-America's Education Challenge
John Webster, a gym teacher at P.S. 330 in Queens, N.Y., was allegedly beaten up by a 6-year-old student, and is now suing the city.

The gym teacher who says he was beaten up by a first grader

A burly New York teacher is suing the city for the physical and emotional damage he allegedly endured at the hands of a 6-year-old student

-Obama's Private Life
This provocative cover of the latest issue of Magazine Fuera de Serie was created by the artist Karine Percheron-Daniels, who is no stranger to hijacking celebrity images.

The 'obviously offensive' image of Michelle Obama's face on a slave's body

A Spanish magazine's provocative cut-and-paste job enrages much of the internet — even as the artist insists that her intentions were innocent

-Working in America
Facebook's new job board aggregates employment opportunities through sites like

Facebook's new jobs board: Is LinkedIn toast?

The billion-user social network is very eager to get Americans back to work

-2012 Presidential Race
Nate Silver in 2009: The political number-cruncher unerringly called the election, much to conservatives' chagrin.

Do Republicans owe Nate Silver an apology?

The election results closely matched the data-guru's projections — the same forecasts conservatives consistently dismissed. Are they ready to eat crow?

-Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett says its time to start taxing the uber-rich, starting with him, to even out the "shared sacrifice" our leaders have asked of the American people.

Warren Buffett's divisive plea: 'Raise my taxes'

The world's third-richest man argues for tax increases for the wealthiest Americans in a New York Times op-ed titled, "Stop Coddling the Super-Rich"

Parents' religious belief can cloud their judgment when deciding what is medically in the best interest of a terminally ill child, according to a new report.

Waiting for a miracle: Is it inhumane for religious parents to prolong treatment of sick kids?

The authors of a medical study argue that doctors should have the last word in end-of-life cases involving children, because some parents hold out too long for a miracle

-Crime and Punishment
Mitt Romney and his wife are "glitter bombed" in Minnesota: A Colorado college student is the first person to be criminally charged for the sparkly stunt.

Should glitter bombers get jail time?

A Colorado college student could wind up behind bars for throwing glitter on Mitt Romney. Excessive punishment or a necessary deterrent?

-The Gun Debate
Kenneth Melson (right), the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, poses with Mexican officials last October: Melson may resign this week.

The 'Gunwalker' scandal: Should the ATF chief lose his job?

A law enforcement program that gave assault rifles to suspected gunrunners went horribly wrong — and there's pressure for someone to take the fall

-Climate Change
The Waldo Canyon wildfire in Colorado burns as it moves into subdivisions and destroys homes on June 26: Some Americans are drawing a direct line from global warming to this massive fire.

The Colorado wildfires: Is this what global warming looks like?

Scientists have long predicted that rising temperatures could lead to extreme weather conditions, including wildfires, droughts, freak storms, and more

-Animal Kingdom
My, what big eye you have: Some giant sea creature seems to have lost something important that washed onto a Florida beach.

The freakishly giant eyeball that washed up on a Florida beach

Scientists are mystified by a softball-sized eyeball discovered on a Florida shoreline

-Conflict in the Koreas
Joe Biden is touting President Obama's foreign policy accomplishments on the campaign trail, but a nuclear crisis in North Korea could still damage Obama's foreign policy cred.

Crisis in North Korea: 'Obama's Jimmy Carter moment'?

The Obama and Romney campaigns are squaring off over foreign policy just as an increasingly belligerent North Korea reportedly prepares for a nuclear test

-The Apple Universe
The new iPad Mini and the fourth-generation iPad: The new diminutive tablet may prove too pricey for consumers who don't think the Mini is different enough from the competition to warrant paying more.

Is the iPad Mini too expensive?

Apple's tinier tablet starts at $329 — a full $130 more than Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and Google's Nexus 7

-Barack Obama
President Obama: Determined to dismantle welfare reform?

Has Obama gone too soft on welfare?

Romney accuses Obama of dismantling welfare reform by offering states waivers on welfare-to-work requirements. Will the attack hurt Obama, or could it backfire?

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