Weiner: Bad for dogs

Weiner: Bad for dogs

-Syria's Uprising
Machine-gun-toting fighters from the Free Syrian Army walk in the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain along the Turkish border.

Have Syria's fractious rebels finally united?

As the bloody civil war drags on, opposition groups form an umbrella organization to lead the fight against the Syrian regime

-George W. Bush
President Obama may be overshadowing George W. Bush as the president who finally nailed bin Laden, but some say the two statesmen should rightfully share the credit.

Bin Laden fallout: Is Obama slighting Bush?

As the president who finally killed bin Laden, Obama is facing accusations that he's not sharing adequate credit with his predecessor, George W. Bush

-War on Terror
President Obama makes his first remarks about the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack in the White House Rose Garden on Sept. 12. He vowed that the U.S. would not tolerate "acts of terror."

The Benghazi attack: Does it matter whether Obama calls it terrorism?

In the eyes of many critics, the most baffling part of Mitt Romney's flubbed Libya offensive against President Obama is the Republican's focus on labels

-Colleges in Crisis
A student takes a nap while studying: The price of a college education has nearly doubled since 1995, far outpacing inflation.

Is college a bad investment?

With tuition rising and jobs disappearing, says Megan McArdle at The Daily Beast, many students are leaving campus worse off than when they arrived

-Parenting Controversies
Marissa Mayer at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012 on May 22 in New York City: Mayer just gave birth to her first child, and is taking a maternity leave of just a week or so before returning to Yahoo.

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer: The debate over her brief maternity leave

Yahoo's recently minted boss just gave birth to her first child, but boiling under the huzzahs is a heated fight over her decision to take a shortened after-birth break

-Fox News
"What if the dearth of good men, and ongoing battle of the sexes, is — hold on to your seats — women's fault?" wonders Suzanne Venker at Fox News.

4 hilariously sarcastic reactions to Fox's 'War on Men' column

Fox's Suzanne Venker blames falling marriage rates on the rise of women, and the internet scoffs in disbelief

-Drinking in America
A portrait of Beast will adorn the walls of the Magic Kingdom's new Be Our Guest restaurant, which will be the first at Disney World to offer beer and wine with dinner.

Disney World starts serving booze: About time?

The Magic Kingdom has been totally dry for four decades. A new restaurant — in Fantasyland, appropriately enough — is about to change that

-Immigration Reform
Immigrant students rally against deportation Friday: President Obama will at least partially comply with their wishes, halting the deportation of law-abiding undocumented immigrants younger than 30.

Obama's immigration overhaul: Did he go too far?

The president will no longer deport young illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. when they were kids. Critics decry the move as election-year overreach

Microsoft's Surface tablet boasts a (sold-separately) keyboard flap that turns the slab into a laptop of sorts.

Microsoft's Surface tablet: Finally, a worthy alternative to the iPad?

The venerable tech company goes all in with its new keyboard-equipped, Windows-powered slab

-The U.S. Recovery
Whoever wins Tuesday will have little time to settle into the White House before he's confronted with "a host of terribly difficult economic issues," says Michael Sivy at TIME.

Will the economy rebound no matter who wins the presidency?

The central question of the campaign has been which candidate would return the nation to prosperity. But is our immediate economic future out of their hands?

-Amazon's Empire
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up a Kindle Paperwhite during an event on Sept. 6: The new e-reader is winning (mostly) rave reviews from tech critics.

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite: The new must-have e-reader?

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Seattle-based e-tailer rolls out an impressively beautiful new reading device

-The NFL
The New York Jets' underperforming quarterback Tim Tebow has become one of the most polarizing athletes in professional sports.

Tim Tebow: The most overrated player in the NFL?

Even many NFL players concede that Tebow is massively overhyped

-Wall Street
Wall Street and the 1 percent were banking on a Romney win. When he lost, the market dropped 300 points the next day.

Wall Street's bad election bet

The Masters of the Universe overwhelmingly backed Mitt Romney. And after his landslide loss, they're stung by their startling lack of influence

-Health Care Reform
Mitt Romney: On the offensive in the intentionally muddied battle over who's doing the most damage to Medicare.

Who cuts Medicare more — Romney or Obama?

After picking a running mate with an unpopular plan to overhaul Medicare, Mitt Romney turns the tables — declaring that Obama is the one who's gutting the program

-Iran's Threat
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 24: On the eve of his speech, the Iranian leader said Israel's threats were just noise.

Attacking Iran: Is Israel bluffing?

Iran's president claims that Israel wouldn't dare launch air strikes to halt Tehran's nuclear program. Plenty of foreign policy analysts beg to differ

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