-Hurricane Sandy
President Obama canceled campaign events Monday, and will monitor Hurricane Sandy from Washington, D.C.

Hurricane Sandy: Does it help President Obama politically?

The deadly storm has upended the presidential race — and given the incumbent a potential advantage just a week before Election Day

-2012 Elections
Republican Richard Mourdock participates in a debate in New Albany, Ind., on Oct. 23: Mourdock's comments about pregnancy and rape are being likened to Todd Akin's.

Did Richard Mourdock's rape comment cost the GOP Indiana's Senate seat?

The Indiana Republican says that pregnancy from rape is "something that God intended to happen"

With Netflix' deal with A&E now kaput, customers who pay for its streaming service won't be able to watch reality shows such as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Can Netflix survive the loss of 800 hours of reality shows and documentaries?

The company's deal with A&E to stream shows like Hoarders and Pawn Stars expires, sparking concerns about Netflix's ability to keep exclusive content

-The Tablet Race
Google's Nexus 7 tablet: While Apple reportedly shrinks its iPad, Google and Samsung may expand their product lines with a massive 10-inch tablet.

Could a 10-inch Nexus tablet dethrone Apple's iPad?

Rumor has it that Google and Samsung are partnering on a new high-resolution super slab

-Energy and the Environment
Navale Shale Oil reserve drills for natural gas in Colorado: Some researchers believe the fuel is not as eco-friendly as once thought.

Can natural gas really prevent an 'energy nightmare'?

Investors are bullish on the domestically abundant fossil fuel, but they may want to temper their optimism in light of unsettling new revelations

-Union Showdowns
The Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman reacts to an official during the second half of a Monday Night Football game on Sept. 24: On the game's final play, the refs botched a call, handing the Seahawks an arguably unearned victory.

The NFL referee lockout: A huge win for organized labor?

Football fans of all political persuasions are seething over a monumentally bad call, and even conservatives seem eager for the NFL to cave to the referees union

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, 37, was Google's 20th employee and first female engineer.

Marissa Mayer: Can Yahoo's new CEO turn the company around?

The struggling internet giant poaches a top executive from rival Google, but doubts linger that anyone can revive Yahoo's fortunes

-The Drug War
The submarine can reportedly transport about 8 tons of drugs and four people, though it was found by authorities before its maiden voyage.

Colombia's 100-foot drug-smuggling submarine

Deep in the South American jungle, cocaine traffickers get amphibious

-The Romney Campaign
Mitt Romney speaks in Tampa, Fla.: Romney is airing new radio ads claiming President Obama's auto bailout sent jobs overseas to China.

Will Mitt Romney's grossly misleading Jeep-to-China ads help him win?

Critics have slammed Romney for claiming the bailout destroyed U.S. jobs and created employment overseas. So why is he sticking to the claim?

-Osama Bin Laden
President Obama at a news conference: The White House, like the Bush administration before it, has been accused of getting a little too cozy up with Hollywood.

Did Obama overshare with Hollywood about the bin Laden raid?

As the White House bends over backwards to help filmmakers, conservatives accuse Obama of spilling secrets so he'll be portrayed as a hero on screen

-Europe's Economic Crisis
An anti-austerity protest in Madrid on Sept. 28: Across Spain, tens of thousands of people have demonstrated, often clashing with police.

Can Spain survive tough new austerity measures?

Spain is proceeding with painful spending cuts and tax hikes that could deepen the country's economic woes — but may be necessary to score loans from Europe

-Airplane Safety
Soon there may be no need to power down your iPad during takeoff and landing, as the government is considering a reversal on its widely-loathed rule.

Will airlines finally stop forcing fliers to turn off their iPads?

Travelers rejoice as the government reconsiders much-hated rules requiring passengers to turn off their gadgets during taxi, takeoff, and landing

-The Filibuster Fight
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is reportedly trying to limit the power of the filibuster. The GOP minority is predictably displeased by that development.

Is it finally time to reform the filibuster?

Democrats charge that filibuster abuse has brought routine business to a grinding halt in the Senate

-Justin Bieber
Where is Justin Bieber's competition? Britney Spears had Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys had *NSYNC, but the Biebs' reign has so far gone largely unchallenged.

What happened to all the 'next Justin Biebers'?

A slew of passably mop-topped candidates have been hyped as successors to the 17-year-old pop star — and then, mysteriously, all but disappeared

-The Tax Battle
Democrats take a good hard look at Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)'s tax plan, and conclude that the only way the numbers work out is if middle class families are deprived of key deductions... and end up paying more.

Would the GOP raise taxes... on the middle class?

Republicans want to cut taxes, but won't say how they'll pay for the lost revenue. Democrats have numbers to show that the middle class will be forced to pony up

-The Obama Campaign
President Obama won well more than 300 electoral votes on Tuesday, but with nearly half the country against him, he doesn't necessarily have a broad mandate to implement his agenda.

Did President Obama win a mandate?

The incumbent scored a heady electoral victory and a narrow popular-vote win. How much political capital does that give him?

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