-The 3D Revolution
The Wizard of Oz is getting a 21st-century update — 3D and all.

The Wizard of Oz 3D: Will it spoil a cinematic classic?

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Warner Bros. announces a 3D re-release of the classic family film. Fans are skeptical

-Massachusetts Senate Race
Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass) on March 22: Is the Republican's obsessive focus on his rival being a "fake Indian" hurting his re-election chances?

Scott Brown's staffers' 'Indian war whoops' and 'tomahawk chops': The fallout

Some of the Massachusetts senator's top aides were caught mocking Brown's Democratic rival, Elizabeth Warren. Is this a turning point in their closely fought race?

-Air Rage
Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary may outrage toddler-toting passengers with his plan to let travelers drool over XXX films via a special smartphone app peddled by his discount carrier.

Should porn be allowed on airlines?

European discount carrier Ryanair may offer discreet in-flight porn — for an additional fee, of course

-Campaign Spending
While super PACs supporting Mitt Romney have bought more ads than have the groups backing President Obama, some polls indicate that the ads aren't influencing voters.

Are super PACs a big flop?

Many feared that allowing unlimited donations to outside groups would let the super-wealthy buy elections. Those fears may have been unfounded

-Scientology Under Siege
Tom Cruise: His divorce from Katie Holmes has triggered new allegations of abuse within the Church of Scientology.

Will Scientology survive Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce?

As the press delves into the religion's bizarre practices after the TomKat split, Scientology's most visible spokesman becomes its greatest liability

-Remembering 9/11
The 9/11 memorial in New York features a tree-covered plaza with giant memorial pools surrounded by the victims' names: Some critics say the design fails to live up to what America lost on Sept. 11.

The 9/11 memorial: 'Poignant' or 'flawed by bad taste'?

After years of debate and delay, an eight-acre memorial at the former site of the World Trade Center opens to the public

-Arab Revolts
King Abdullah announced this weekend that in 2015, Saudi Arabian women will have the right to vote, a seemingly major shift for the conservative Middle Eastern kingdom.

Saudi women win suffrage: Credit the Arab Spring?

King Abdullah announces that in four years, the puritanical kingdom will let women vote and run for office — though they still won't be able to drive

-The Bachmann Campaign
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February: A Democratic poll suggests that Bachmann is in danger of losing her congressional seat.

Could Michele Bachmann lose her House race?

A new poll from Bachmann's Democratic challenger has good news for critics of the conservative star

-Iraq War
U.S. soldiers take pictures before their departure from Iraq in July: On Friday, President Obama announced that the rest of U.S. troops will be home by the end of 2011.

Is America getting 'kicked out' of Iraq?

President Obama announces that all U.S. troops will leave Iraq by year's end. Actually, says Michele Bachmann, Iraqis are giving us the boot. Is she right?

-Jersey Shore
Jersey snore: After last season's Italian misadventure, Snooki and gang relentlessly return to their seaside home in Thursday's premiere of "Jersey Shore"

Time for the world to rid itself of Jersey Shore?

Season five of MTV's confoundingly popular reality series begins Thursday, and even fans are getting fed up with the overly tanned guidos' drunken antics

-Summer Movies
Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays bike messenger Wilee in Premium Rush, and even does some of his own stunts.

Premium Rush: Finally, a great CGI-free action movie?

If you're tired of predictable computer-generated blockbusters, indie darling Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings back the concept of... actual stunts

-American Idol
Season eight runner-up Adam Lambert certainly has the charisma necessary to succeed as a judge on American Idol, but he arguably lacks A-list appeal.

Should American Idol hire Adam Lambert as a judge?

The glam contestant is reportedly in the running to replace Jennifer Lopez. But while critics loved his performances, they're not sure he can hack it as a judge

Julian Assange leaving the British High Court Nov. 2011: Now he's at the center of an increasingly tense international dispute

Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum: What will Britain do?

The British government has suggested it might take the drastic step of barging into Ecuador's London embassy to arrest the WikiLeaks leader — and Ecuador's furious

-London Olympics
Serena Williams cheers after winning the women's singles gold-medal match Aug. 4: A spur-of-the-moment celebration dance has the American tennis star mired in controversy.

Does Serena Williams deserve to be criticized for 'Crip Walking'?

Williams celebrates her first Olympic gold medal with a once-controversial gang dance, eliciting a backlash from certain (arguably racist) quarters of the media

-2012 Veepstakes
Rob Portman, (R-Ohio) introduces Mitt Romney in Cincinnati, Ohio on Feb. 20: Much anticipation has built around who Romney will pick as his running mate, but who he chooses could actually work against him, some say.

Will Mitt Romney's VP pick make a difference?

Romney is reportedly on the verge of naming his running mate, and the press is breathless with anticipation. But maybe it's time to chill

-The Sikh Temple Shooting
Indian Sikhs sit and pray in protest in New Delhi, India: Sikhism has been targeted by hate groups who have confused its practitioners with Muslims since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The Sikh temple shooting: Mistaken anti-Muslim terrorism?

Police aren't publicly speculating on why a middle-aged white gunman murdered six Sikhs. Could he be as dumb as he was cruel?

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