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-Oprah Winfrey

Who's the next Oprah?

-The Dark Knight Shootings

The Dark Knight Rises massacre in Aurora, Colorado: 4 takeaways

-BP Oil Spill: In Perspective

The Gulf oil spill: 6 worst-case scenarios

-Penn State Scandal

Sex abuse scandal: Should Joe Paterno resign immediately?

-Mental Floss

Election quiz: Presidential alma maters

-The Dark Knight Rises

The next Batman villain: 5 theories

-The Battle Over Bain

Mitt Romney's much-maligned career at Bain Capital: An instant guide

-The Trayvon Martin Controversy

Why Trayvon Martin's killer isn't under arrest: 3 theories


'Weinergate': The 'strange' scandal of a congressman and a lewd Twitter photo

-America's Crumbling Infrastructure

The Empire State Building's 'ugly' twin

-The Hunt for the "God Particle"

The Big Bang machine

-Bush Tax Cuts

Time to scrap Bush's tax cuts?

-Charlie Sheen's Meltdown

Did Charlie Sheen just commit 'career suicide'?

-The Palin Family

Sarah Palin vs. Levi Johnston: Round 1

-John Edwards sex scandal

A John Edwards sex tape?

-Google vs. China

Google vs. China

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