-Oprah Winfrey
Oprah says she once considered chopping off her hair entirely, just to avoid the dilemma of whether to straighten it or not.

Revealed: Oprah's 'notable' natural hair

The Queen of Talk shows off her untreated hair on O, The Oprah Magazine, inspiring other black women to stop straightening, blow-drying, and chemically smoothing their locks

-The Dark Knight Shootings
Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes' mug shot: Social media site Reddit was the first to unearth a photo of Holmes with his dyed red hair.

Reddit's coverage of the Colorado massacre: The future of citizen journalism?

The social news site was a go-to source as the immediate aftermath of the Aurora shootings unfolded, renewing a debate over the role of user-generated journalism

-BP Oil Spill: In Perspective
A dead crab in the Mississippi marsh ravaged by the BP oil spill: Scientists say the Gulf of Mexico is nearly back to normal a year after the disaster.

Is the Gulf of Mexico really 'back to normal'?

It's been a year since the devastating BP oil disaster began, and scientists say the polluted water is almost as good as new

-Penn State Scandal
Penn State students react to the NCAA punishment which includes a $60 million fine and a four-year ban from post-season bowl games. 

The NCAA's Penn State punishment: Too harsh?

The university's storied football program may have a hard time recovering from the penalties imposed on Monday over the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal

-Mental Floss
A sure as that first pitch of opening season, the annual deluge of new baseball books see the light of day.

Former VPs or baseball MVPs?

Mitt Romney may be close to revealing his running mate. While you wait for his announcement, take this quiz to see how well you can tell former Veeps from baseball MVPs

-The Dark Knight Rises
In The Dark Knight Rises, villain Bane leads a "ragtag movement with the propensity for violence" against the wealthy, a group that echoes Occupy Wall Street.

Does The Dark Knight Rises have a political agenda?

With its exploration of terrorism and class warfare, the conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy appears to channel 2012's headlines

-The Battle Over Bain
Mitt Romney set up interviews on all five major networks recently to insist that he left Bain Capital in 1999 and not 2002.

Is Mitt Romney overreacting to Obama's Bain attacks?

Team Romney says it's not worried about President Obama's attacks on Bain Capital, but the campaign's actions tell a different story

-The Trayvon Martin Controversy
George Zimmerman is led into a courtroom for his bond hearing on April 20 in Sanford, Fla. While Alan Dershowitz wants the murder charge dropped, other analysts think the truth has yet to be uncovered.

Should prosecutors drop the murder charges against George Zimmerman?

Prominent legal scholar Alan Dershowitz says that newly released evidence destroys the prosecution's case against Trayvon Martin's killer

Anthony Weiner moments before announcing his resignation in June 2011: The Democrat, who still has $4.5 million in campaign funds, is hoping voters are ready to forgive him.

Can Anthony Weiner make a comeback?

The New York Democrat resigned last year after a sexting scandal, yet he's already planning a new bid for office — possibly even a New York City mayoral run

-America's Crumbling Infrastructure
China's CRH high-speed train embarks on its test run May 11, 2011: California lawmakers have approved financing for their own bullet train, which could cost the cash-strapped state $68 billion.

High-speed rail: Financial suicide for California?

Lawmakers in the Golden State approve $4.6 billion in financing for a high-speed line connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco, but critics say it's a train to nowhere

-The Hunt for the "God Particle"
Leaving God out of it

Leaving God out of it

-Bush Tax Cuts
President Obama called on Congress to pass a temporary, one-year extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for people who make less than $250,000 a year.

Do the Bush tax cuts help the economy or not?

The 10-year-old tax cuts are sparking yet another political standoff, with Republicans countering Obama, saying that letting any tax cuts expire would cost jobs

-Charlie Sheen's Meltdown
Charlie Sheen's expedient new comedy on FX is more about image management than anger management.

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management: Disappointingly old-school?

The lame jokes on Sheen's new sitcom sound like leftovers from Two and a Half Men, say critics — not what you'd expect from a trailblazing network like FX

-The Palin Family
Tripp Palin and mom Bristol star in a reality series about their glitzy new Los Angeles life, and one critic bemoans that the even-keeled Bristol isn't an "Alaskan Snooki."

Just how dull is Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp?

Sarah Palin's eldest daughter launches a new reality show chronicling her life as a single mom in Los Angeles. Critics could hardly be less enthused

-John Edwards sex scandal
John Edwards may believe that God isn't "quite done" with him, but he'll have to overcome the American public's disgust first.

Can John Edwards make a comeback?

It seems clear the disgraced two-time presidential contender will never hold office again. But he could find a way to do "good things"

-Google vs. China
Google's offices in Beijing: Google and China's tumultuous relationship is once again being rattled, after the tech giant accused Chinese hackers of trying to break into Gmail accounts.

China's ominous Google ultimatum

China issues a dark warning to Google after accusations that Chinese hackers tried to crack U.S. government Gmail accounts. Should Google be worried?

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