On Thursday, Roy Cooper, the Democratic governor-elect of North Carolina, called Republican attempts to strip him of certain powers "unconstitutional" and threatened to sue the legislators involved. "They will see me in court and they don't have a good track record there," said Cooper, currently the state's attorney general. Republican lawmakers introduced bills in a surprise special session Wednesday seeking to strip powers from Cooper before he takes office in January, after he narrowly unseated Gov. Pat McCrory (R) in a bitter election, ending four years of unified Republican control in the state. Republicans want to strip the governor of control over local election boards and the right to appoint University of North Carolina trustees, and are seeking to cut to 300 from 1,500 the number of state employees who serve at the governor's pleasure in an effort to protect hundreds of McCrory appointees. "Most people might think this is a partisan power grab, but it's really more ominous," Cooper said.

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