The 115th Congress begins Tuesday and the Republicans controlling the House and Senate will enter with an agenda that has "already been vetted, promoted, and worked over," The Washington Post reports. The Affordable Care Act and other major Democratic landmarks are already being inspected for rapid dismantling. "It's a big job to actually have responsibility and produce results," said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. "And we intend to do it." Democrats are constructing their own obstacles, with President Obama meeting his party Wednesday to discuss how to prevent ObamaCare from being gutted. Republicans might find tension in their own ranks, too, as priorities among leaders differ and disagreements could arise over the details of how to replace certain programs. That's not to mention the possibility of being at odds with the incoming president: "We're in a 'two scorpions in a bottle phrase.' They know they have to coexist, and if they attack each other, they're both going to die," former Senate Republican aide Stewart Verdery said.

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