President Trump on Monday evening made his first remarks on the police brutality protests that have been taking place in all corners of the U.S., avoiding the underlying issues behind the demonstrations and instead threatening to increase the military presence in cities across the country. Trump said that governors and mayors must establish an "overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been quelled," or else he will "deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them." He called himself the "president of law and order and an ally of all peaceful protesters," and accused "professional anarchists, violent mobs, arsonists, looters, criminals, rioters, antifa, and others" of committing "acts of domestic terror." He then promised to mobilize "all available federal resources, civilian and military, to stop the rioting and looting, to end the destruction and arson, and to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans, including your Second Amendment rights."

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