This week, 17.6 million coronavirus vaccine doses will be shipped out across the United States, including 2.8 million doses of the newly-authorized Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. This is a marked improvement from the 10 million doses the country was averaging just a month ago. States are also getting those shots into people's arms more quickly now — on both Saturday and Sunday, more than 2.3 million Americans received a vaccine dose, suggesting that at least 3 million people could be getting a shot daily by the end of March. Now, there's cautious optimism among experts that herd immunity could be on the horizon. Per Vox, if one-third of vaccines are one-shot and the U.S. is administering 3 million doses per day, the U.S. could reach 80 percent immunity by mid-summer. There are several caveats, including lingering vaccine hesitancy and uncertainty over variants' ability to resist immunity.

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