One in four people remarry
With people living longer, roughly one in four people ages 59 and older has married two or more times, according to new census data.
The Wall Street Journal

The source of Web traffic
Humans account for less than 40 percent of global Web traffic; the rest is from “bots” like search engines, analytics tools, scam advertisements, and hacking tools.

Cold weather increases mortality
About 28,000 deaths a year in the U.S. are attributable to cold weather. Cold temperatures can exacerbate cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, especially among the poor and the elderly.
The Wall Street Journal

Passing out condoms in Sochi
Olympic officials have distributed 100,000 condoms among the 7,650 athletes at the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia—the minimum number required by the International Olympic Committee after the condoms ran out during the 2000 Sydney Games.

More women are “marrying down”
A record number of American women are “marrying down” and wedding men with less education, according to a new Pew Research study. In 2012, nearly 21 percent of wives had more education than their spouses—a threefold jump since 1960. With women now dominating the college ranks, “marrying down” may become increasingly common.
Los Angeles Times