Walking on Lake Superior
Nearly 80 percent of the Great Lakes is now frozen over—more ice cover than in any year since 1996. The ice on massive Lake Superior is so thick that 15,000 people have walked more than a mile to check out the ice caves at the Apostle Islands.

Iraq's deadliest month in years
More than 1,000 Iraqis were killed in car bombings, suicide bombings, and other terrorist attacks in January, including 795 civilians, 122 soldiers, and 96 policemen. It was the deadliest month in Iraq in nearly six years.

The mental health of prisoners
More than half the prisoners in the U.S. have a mental health problem, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, according to the Justice Department. This country now houses three times the number of mentally ill people in jails as it does in mental hospitals.
The New York Times

The cost of the Sochi Olympics
At a reported $51 billion, the Sochi Olympics have cost the same amount as 20 Mars rover exploration missions.

Afghanistan's heroin trade
About 80 percent of the world’s heroin is produced in the country where the U.S. has fought its longest war: Afghanistan. The drug trade—once nearly eradicated by the Taliban—is worth about $3 billion a year to the impoverished country, or roughly 15 percent of its GDP.
The Sacramento Bee