Let's go to North Korea
North Korea is becoming a vacation destination for the adventurous. Some 6,000 Western tourists have visited the dictatorship this year, 20 percent of whom were Americans. In 2004, the country had fewer than 700 foreign tourists.
The Wall Street Journal

Ready for the Soviets
From 1962 until 1977, the U.S. military intentionally set the launch codes at every nuclear missile silo in America to 00000000 so it could rapidly respond to any Soviet attack.

Obama's low pardon rate
Obama has “pardoned” 10 Thanksgiving turkeys during his presidency. By contrast, he has only pardoned or commuted the prison sentences of 40 people—a record low for modern-day presidents. By this point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan had pardoned 313 people.
The Washington Post

Crime soars in fracking states
Crime is soaring in communities at the heart of Montana and North Dakota’s fracking boom. In Watford City, N.D., arrests increased 565 percent since 2005, while Roosevelt County in Montana saw arrests soar 855 percent, leaving jails full. “I don’t have nowhere to put them,” said Sheriff Freedom Crawford.
The New York Times

Russia raises vodka prices
The Russian government will raise vodka prices next year, in a bid to reduce alcohol addiction, which now plays a role in 30 percent of deaths. A half-liter of vodka will go up to $6 on Jan. 1, an increase of 16 percent, and to nearly $7 on Aug. 1.