1. Terry McAuliffe's (D) narrow victory last night may prove to be the biggest and most important for Democrats. Having a well-connected fundraiser — and a loyalist to Bill and Hillary Clinton — in charge of an important swing state could be the key to helping Democrats tip a close presidential election their way in 2016.

2. Bill de Blasio's (D) 49-point landslide victory in the New York City mayoral race was a solid repudiation of two decades of Republican and business-friendly mayors. De Blasio's broad-based win gives him a mandate to govern as an audacious liberal and change the feel of New York City.

3. Although Chris Christie (R) won a convincing re-election race last night, it was not a victory for the Republican brand. It was a victory for the Chris Christie brand. Christie spent almost no time touting his Republican credentials, did not seek national Republican support, and instead embraced President Obama and top Democrats in his state.