Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has been a polarizing film among Superman fans, with some arguing that it deviated too far from the roots of the beloved superhero. But whatever your feelings about Man of Steel, it's hard to find much fault with Snyder's latest contribution to the Superman canon: A stirring, two-minute animated tribute to the history of Superman that manages to encapsulate almost everything the character has represented over his almost 75-year history.

The video opens with the cover to Action Comics No. 1, the issue that introduced Superman to the world in January 1933. As the cover comes to life, Superman leaps off the page and over a tall building in a single bound. Set to the strains of John Williams' Superman Theme — and, later, Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel theme — the video offers an impressively comprehensive rundown of some of the most memorable moments in Superman history. Over the course of its two-minute runtime, keep an eye out for mainstays like Super Friends and the famed "Death of Superman" alongside more offbeat entries, like Superman's bout with Mohammad Ali and his first video game appearance on the Atari 2600.

The video is the perfect tribute to Superman: A character who continues to grow with each telling, and whose power — even at 75 — remains potent.