When smartphones started featuring front-facing cameras, the ability to easily capture one's own image anytime, anywhere became a reality. Gone was the pesky guesswork of blindly snapping a photo and then seeing how it came out; selfies became ubiquitous, inundating social media and making clear humankind's affinity for self-portraits.

Now a café in Taiwan is taking our narcissistic impulses one step further, allowing selfies to escape the cage of social media and break into the real world. Capitalizing on the latte art trend, Let's Café has invited its customers to put their mugs on a mug, so to speak, with a specialized machine that prints uploaded photos on latte foam using edible brown powder.

The latte portraits have a shocking amount of detail and depth of color, and they can also come with a short message in script.

Why did Let's Cafe take start offering latte selfies? It's part of a marketing campaign for the chain, which is composed of kiosks embedded in Family Mart convenience stores. Struggling to compete with bigger chains, Let's Café opted to offer its patrons something different: The ability to drink a latte emblazoned with their own face.