Agents and informants
FBI agents gave their informants permission to break the law at least 5,658 times in 2011, authorizing everything from buying and selling illegal drugs to bribing government officials and plotting robberies.
USA Today

No. 1 country for tourists
France is the world’s most popular country for tourists, with over 16 million more visitors a year than the U.S., in second place. Only about a sixth of those tourists go to Paris, however; the most-visited city in the world is Bangkok.

Labels on football helmets
Football helmets sold by major sporting apparel manufacturer Schutt Sports come with a label that warns, “No helmet system can protect you from serious brain and/or neck injuries including paralysis or death. To avoid these risks, do not engage in the sport of football.”
The New York Times

Ready for Hillary
A Super PAC called Ready for Hillary has raised $1.25 million in less than three months, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has yet to announce her candidacy for the 2016 presidential election. Three quarters of contributors sent $25 or less.

Scarce water supplies
Unless there are major changes in the distribution of ever-scarcer water supplies, two thirds of the world’s population is expected to be living under “severe water stress conditions” by the year 2025.