Florida's bad drivers
Miami has the worst drivers in the U.S., ranking first in automotive fatalities, pedestrian strikes, and road rage incidents, according to an analysis of national statistics. Three of the top five worst cities for drivers are in Florida.

Prison population falls
There were 1.57 million prisoners in state and federal jails in 2012, a 1.7 percent drop from 2011. It was the third consecutive year the prison population has fallen, a trend experts attribute mostly to cash-strapped states cutting their prison costs.

Too much natural gas
Oil producers in North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields are “flaring,” or burning off into the air, about a third of the natural gas they drill—a waste of $100 million worth of gas every month. The state lacks sufficient pipelines and processing to service its booming number of fracking wells.

Good tidings for Prince George
The birth of Prince George, Britain’s newest heir to the throne, was featured on 305 newspaper front pages worldwide. Barack Obama’s second inauguration made only 131 front pages.
The Wall Street Journal

A good place to cut the budget
The U.S. government has spent more than $24 million over the past six years flying a plane over Cuba that beams American-sponsored TV programming that Havana blocks with signal jamming. Congressmen representing Cuban exile communities in Florida have insisted that the blocked telecasts continue.