Hillary's speech-making
Hillary Clinton has plunged into a whirl of paid speech-making to trade associations and business groups, charging $200,000 per speech. She and her husband, Bill Clinton, have together earned more than $100 million for making speeches since 2001.
The New York Times

Keeping birth names forever
About 35 percent of married women in their 20s and 30s are keeping their own last names—a big increase over previous generations, according to a study by Facebook. Among married women in their 60s, only 9 percent kept their own last names.

Action time at baseball games
The average three-hour baseball game contains 17 minutes and 58 seconds of action such as pitches, balls in play, running, and throws. That’s a bit better than the average football game, which contains only 11 minutes of action time.
The Wall Street Journal

National parks on the moon
Congress is considering establishing national parks on the moon. The House of Representatives last week introduced the Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act, which would preserve the six sites where NASA missions landed from pirates and souvenir hunters who might land on the moon in the future.

USA Today

Cocaine use drops
Cocaine use in the U.S. has fallen by 40 percent since 2006. Some experts attribute the drop to a doubling of street prices and successful interdiction against South American production facilities and traffickers. Others say that cocaine has simply become “uncool,” with drug abusers now focusing on prescription painkillers.