New York Mets ace Matt Harvey was recently selected to be the starting pitcher for the National League in tonight's All-Star Game. Harvey is having a killer year, and Mets fans have benefited immensely from his contributions this season. But because he's been with the team for less than a year, many still don't recognize him yet. On last night's episode of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon decided to put the star pitcher's popularity to the test by sending Harvey to New York City's Bryant Park to ask Mets fans how they feel about Matt Harvey.

Several fans — including one wearing a Matt Harvery jersey — offered their uncensored take on Harvey before realizing that they're actually talking to the All-Star. "Kinda saw him naked in the ESPN "The Body" issue, so it's kind of weird," said one fan. "I think he's decent, but he hasn't proved enough," said another. "He's only gone a couple months now." One fan even went as far as telling Harvey that he might be able to double as Harvey if he put on a jersey and hat. By the end of the segment, it's clear that none of the fans Harvey interviewed will fail to recognize him in the future — and it's safe to say that none of the fans watching at home will forget him, either.