House Republicans and immigration
The vast majority of House Republicans have little to lose politically if they oppose immigration-reform legislation. Of the 234 Republicans in the House, only 38 represent districts that are at least 20 percent Hispanic.
The Wall Street Journal

Cities with low unemployment
Minneapolis-St. Paul has the lowest unemployment rate in the country for metropolitan areas with over 1 million residents, with only 4.7 percent unemployment. Oklahoma City is second with 5 percent, and Seattle third with 5.2 percent.

Cash assets reach all-time high
The amount of U.S. paper currency in circulation reached an all-time high of $1.19 trillion last month. The increase in cash assets is thought to be motivated by concerns about economic stability. Though much of the total is held abroad or by banks, American citizens were estimated to hold about $400 billion in cash—an average of $1,300 per person.

Cheating spouses
The number of American wives having extramarital affairs nearly doubled over the last two decades to 14.7 percent, while the number of men admitting to affairs stayed steady at 21 percent, according to a survey by the National Opinion Research Center. Sociologists say more women are cheating as they move into well-paying jobs, and are less worried about the financial fallout of a divorce.

Popes and sainthood
Seventy-eight of the 265 popes have been made saints, including 52 of the first 54 popes.