While his Comedy Central colleague Jon Stewart has been feasting off the scandal-palooza in Washington, Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert takes a break from politics to chew over some health news. After a requisite warning that his honorary doctorate in fine arts doesn't qualify him as a medical doctor, Colbert talks about the pros, cons, and profit-making potential of a new study showing that the benefits of laying out in the sun may trump the risk of skin cancer.

Colbert really hits his stride, however, when it comes to research suggesting that nature may have provided us with a miracle weight-loss drug: Pot. What better way to stem the epidemic of childhood obesity, Colbert marvels: "Young man, you can have that sundae after you've smoked your vegetables." Something to think about, parents.

Colbert doesn't avoid politics entirely. In another segment, the faux conservative pundit sides with Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), who wants to restrict the U.S. Census Bureau to only counting heads. As he pooh-poohs the wealth of economic data derived from Census questionnaires, Colbert manages to get one last drug reference in. Watch: