Last week, Deadspin published an exceedingly profane email from a member of the Delta Gamma sorority at the University of Maryland to her sisters, excoriating them for being "BORING" and "AWKWARD" in their paring with a much cooler fraternity.

The letter is "indescribably awesome," says Adam Carlson at Entertainment Weekly, but the comedy site "Funny or Die then took it and made it describably awesome by getting moody-eyed, Oscar-nominated actor Michael Shannon to read that email, in full, beneath a spotlight." The lighting and dramatic music "only emphasize how close the language is to Mamet-levels of gutter poetry" — with an emphasis on "gutter." Seriously, "I cannot quote even a single line of what is said."

Watch the video above, but be warned: It contains what The Daily Caller's Taylor Bigler accurately calls some "very offensive yet hilarious language." That said, Bigler adds, Shannon's sorority mean girl is probably the "most challenging role of his lifetime for Funny or Die." The celebrated actor "definitely gives it a Tarantino Noir feel," say Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger at The Washington Post. But when you get down to it, "the letter author brought all of that to the work herself; Shannon just embodies it."