Elon Musk, “futuristic entrepreneur extraordinaire,” may regret having fired back after an unflattering review of his company’s electric car, said Chris Taylor in Mashable.com. He was clearly riled after a reporter for The New York Times colorfully described getting stranded between charging stations in a cold and powerless Tesla Model S.It’s not surprising that the 41-year-old South African, who made billions inventing PayPal and has since become a pioneer of commercial spaceflight, would challenge that account, having bet big on fully electric cars when he founded Tesla Motors in 2003. But in challenging the Times, Musk “threw a word that is kryptonite to any self-respecting journalist: ‘fake.’” The Times responded by setting out to prove that “the sheer weight of its words can still beat those of a corporate opponent.” 

As forward-thinking as he’s been in the past, Musk clearly hasn’t done himself any favors in this exchange, said Jonathan Salem Baskin in Forbes. “By attacking not only the review but the reporter and his employer, Musk is violating just about every principle in the communications playbook.” Musk should have played nice and channeled his obvious intelligence instead of “coming off like a defensive conspiracist.”