On Wednesday morning, Google quietly published a new video for its hush-hush Glass project, the futuristic monocle that pulls triple duty as a camera, phone, and wearable computer. The video, "How it feels [through Glass]," showcases users tapping into the gadget's purported features, including voice search, Google Hangouts (with friends while skydiving... duh), and — in one fascinating snippet — the ability to ask for audio translations in different languages on the fly. 

Unlike the last preview video we saw nearly a year ago, this clip seems a little more grounded in reality (images are a little less composed and a little grainier — like a still-buffering YouTube vid). According to a Google representative, this preview "actually shows how Glass works." If all goes well, the face-computer will launch sometime in early 2014. Though there's no word on an official price tag, early preorders for developer editions are starting at $1,500, according to The Verge.