Meet the billionaire burger queen, said Seth Lubove in Lynsi Torres, 30, has become “one of the youngest female billionaires on earth” thanks to the booming success of her family’s burger chain, In-N-Out Burger. With no college degree or business training, Torres became the California-based fast-food favorite’s sole heir in 2006 after a series of unexpected family deaths. She currently has half ownership of In-N-Out through a trust and stands to get full ownership in five years. The elusive “burger princess” has mostly kept a low profile, although she is occasionally seen in public competing in drag races, a hobby she inherited from her father and shares with her third (and current) husband. “I have no clue about her,” said restaurant consultant Janet Lowder. “I was even surprised there was a granddaughter.”

Despite her taste for privacy, Torres made news last year when she paid $17.4 million for a home in the wealthy enclave of Bradbury, Calif., said Adrian Glick Kudler in The property, once owned by Texas Ranger Adrián Beltré, has seven bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, basketball and tennis courts, a golf course, and an outdoor movie theater. Analysts say In-N-Out could be worth $2 billion, should Torres ever want to sell it.