Jodie Foster is... single. That's what she told world in a rather confusing acceptance speech upon winning the Cecil B. DeMille award at Sunday night's Golden Globes. Foster seemed to be leading up to an altogether different announcement, telling the Hollywood crowd that "I just have a sudden urge to say something that I've never really been able to air in public, a declaration that I'm a little nervous about. ... But y'know, I'm just gonna put it out there, loud and proud. I'm gonna need your support on this." And then, instead of declaring that she is gay, the 50-year-old actress said she was single, reminding the audience that she'd already come out "a thousand years ago, back in the Stone Age." Foster then went on something of a rant, bouncing between playful pop culture references ("You guys might be surprised, but I am not Honey Boo Boo Child"), and bemoaning the lack of privacy for public figures ("If you’d had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, then maybe you too might value privacy above all else"). But she ended on this endearing note: "I want to be seen, to be understood deeply and to be not so very lonely."

Here's a full transcript of Foster's speech.