Abdulkhaleq Abdulla
Gulf New (United Arab Emirates)

For America’s Arabian Gulf allies, the Obama administration’s sudden embrace of Islamists “is too much to stomach,” said Abdulkhaleq Abdulla. Washington’s 180-degree turn from demonizing the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood to giving them “red-carpet treatment” is not only “pathetically opportunistic,” but also dangerously naïve. Where did American officials get the idea that these people can be trusted? Surely not from their bitter experience with the fickle mujahedeen of Afghanistan. The U.S. now seems to have embraced the ridiculous notion that Islamists are the only credible political force in the Middle East. It ignores the region’s liberals, secularists, and nationalists, and especially its dynamic youth, and that’s “a huge political blunder.” Now in the Arabian Gulf states we have to worry that we’ll be abandoned if Washington ever “strikes a grand bargain with Iran.” That’s why we’re already “preparing for the post-America world” by looking to new allies in Asia, which offer us a more secure future than does “an America that swaps allies at the speed of light.” It’s high time Washington realized that we are “no longer the little duckling of the last century, desperately in need of Uncle Sam’s protection.”