Paranoia has always loomed large in the life of anti-virus software magnate John McAfee, who is wanted for questioning about a murder in Belize, said Joshua Davis in His virus protection business, founded more than two decades ago, flourished thanks to his gift for spreading fear about possible computer attacks. In 1992, McAfee told major U.S. news networks that a new virus dubbed Michelangelo would destroy millions of computers worldwide. It infected just thousands in the end, but not before sales of his software spiked. Having amassed a large fortune, McAfee, now 67, lived the life of an elite Silicon Valley pioneer for years, even opening a yoga institute. But he was hit hard by the financial crisis and believed that unresolved lawsuits could cost him the rest of his money. So four years ago, he retired to Belize. 

Since then, his life has taken a series of “bizarre turns,” said Dudley Althaus in Locals describe a “generous but unstable man” who is convinced corrupt police want to kill him, and who surrounds himself with bodyguards, guns, and young women. He has been in hiding since his neighbor was murdered earlier this month. He “seems to have a bit of a divorce from reality,” said Belize’s former police minister.