The video: Some of the world's top extreme athletes — including Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, skater Ryan Sheckler, and cyclist Danny MacAskill — came together to complete a bizarre "obstacle course stunt machine" as part of Red Bull's latest publicity stunt. Dubbed "Kluge" and "The Athlete Machine," the Rube-Goldberg-like contraption required a chain of small interlocking athletic feats: A skater rides up a ramp, which triggers a mini-bike to roll along a track, which causes a golf ball to pop up on a tee, which is hit by golfer Rickie Fowler, which then rolls through a series of holes and chutes, which triggers a saw to carve through wood, which frees a stunt cyclist to ride away, and so on. The ultimate prize? Unearthing of a can of ice-cold Red Bull.

The reaction: After sponsoring Felix Baumgartner's dramatic jump from the edge of space, "it seems Red Bull figured the best way to top something huge is by linking smaller, slightly less awesome things together into a sort of extreme sports Voltron," says Glen Tickle at Geekosystem. And while the stunts simply showcase athletes doing what they do best, the video "has everything you'd ever want from a YouTube clip," says Shane Bacon at CBS Sports. "I dare you to start it and not finish it."