The song: Just in time for Democratic voters celebrating Barack Obama's re-election, pop diva Mariah Carey has released a rather treacly pro-Obama tribute track called "Bring it on Home." Though Carey performed the song at an Obama fundraiser in June, this is its first public release, says Lucas Villa at Examiner. "We just everyday people, trying to make it through the pain," sings Carey in the opening verse, before continuing, "When it comes down to win or lose, don't give up the fight, 'cause strength is what we need, and love can save our lives." Listen to Mariah Carey's "Bring It On Home (Obama Tribute Song)":

The reaction: "Bring It On Home" is vintage Carey, says Billboard, with a series of "gospel-tinged chants" and an inevitable moment when Carey "breaks out her trademark high-pitched whistle." Indeed, "Bring It On Home" would have "fit in seamlessly with Carey's '90s material," says Marc Hogan at Spin. And while it may not break any new ground, the soulful ballad "reflects the communal values the president espoused in his soaring acceptance speech and ever since he burst onto the national stage," swoons Josh Grossberg at E! Online: "The idea that America is a better, stronger and more perfect union when we care for our fellow neighbors."