“Busting into an all-boys club has never been a problem for Darla Moore,” said Seanna Adcox in the Associated Press. Those who know the “Wall Street wizard with rich Southern roots” were hardly surprised last week when Augusta National, the Georgia golf club that hosts the annual Masters tournament, asked Moore and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to become the first female members in the club’s 80-year history. Once the highest-paid woman in banking, Moore climbed the ranks of finance in the 1980s by specializing in corporate restructuring. In 1991, she married billionaire deal-maker Richard Rainwater and later joined his private investment company. Fortune put her on its cover in 1997—a first for a woman—and proclaimed her “the toughest babe in business.” 

In her native South Carolina, Moore is best known for her philanthropy, said Mary Pilon in The New York Times. She has given at least $70 million to her alma mater, the University of South Carolina, where the business school was named after her in 1998. She also founded the Palmetto Institute, a think tank devoted to improving the state’s economy. “She’s a leader and has a vision and a passion,” said her friend Karen Fowler, “but it’s never about her.”