The video: Andreas Franke has a new exhibit in the Florida Keys — or rather, 93 feet under the surface of the ocean off Key West, on the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a scuttled Air Force missile-tracking ship . Last year, the Austrian artist photographed the ship, sunk to create an artificial reef in 2009, then digitally added people and fish to the images. As of this week, 12 Plexiglass-enclosed 20-square-foot photos have been attached magnetically to the ship's deck. (Watch a video of the exhibit below.) "The shipwreck itself, to me, is a dead thing," says Franke. "But I thought that if I put people on it, then there would again be life on that ship."

The reaction: Franke's "ethereal images contrast the industrial metal of a shipwreck with flowing human figures," says Mandy Miles in Key West's The Citizen. Whether his images depict a girl catching fish with a butterfly net on the otherwise abandoned deck, or a bartender pouring drinks inside the vessel for a dancing couple, Franke's succeeded in creating a fascinating underwater art gallery. How lovely, says Christian Broadcasting Network News. And "to see the exhibit, all you have to do is dive 93 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean." Confirmed landlubbers can check out the video below: