The video: Is it too soon for a Spider-Man franchise reboot? That was the overwhelming consensus when The Amazing Spider-Man was announced, barely three years after Sam Raimi's Tobey Maguire-led trilogy finished its theatrical run. Now, the trailer for the new film, directed by (500) Days of Summer's Marc Webb, with The Social Network's Andrew Garfield filling out Spidey's suit, has been released. (Watch the clip below.) The new rendering (due in summer 2012) focuses, just as Raimi's did in 2001, on Peter Parker's first awakening as a super-hero. There's the spider bite, the awkward experimenting with powers, and hints of the tragic death that catalyze Parker's heroism.

The reaction: Sigh, says Kyle Buchanan at New York, it's "that same, familiar tale." Sigh, indeed, says Kevin Jagernauth at Indie Wire, and the two-and-a-half-minute clip is plagued by a "truly wonky, gimmicky," point-of-view web-slinging sequence that seems better suited for a video game or amusement park ride than a big-budget franchise reboot. The trailer is "disappointingly not amazing or even, well, good." And yet, this first glimpse at least looks "darker" than Raimi's trilogy, says Darren Franich at Entertainment Weekly, with its "moody music" and "David Fincher-y shots" of Parker in high school. If the film really is this "darkly emotional," it could be a "legitimately interesting," if premature, revisiting of the Spidey tale. Check it out: