The video: If the white iPhone isn't enough of a status symbol for you, check out the world's first "Swiss luxury smartphone." High-end watchmaker TAG Heuer has introduced the Link phone, which has a rather astonishing $6,800 price tag, runs Android, and comes with a "paltry" 256MB of memory. (See a promotional video below.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, the shiny smartphone sports an "outlandish design." Buyers can customize their phones' cases in a variety of materials, from rose gold to titanium, just as they would a TAG watch. They can even add Calfskin-leather trim, or a sprinkling of diamonds, for good measure. 

The reaction: I'm "little confused as to why anybody would want to spend this kind of money on something as disposable as a mobile phone," says Ed Oswald at PCWorld. Yeah, "the trouble is that, while a TAG Heuer watch will indeed last you a lifetime and still perform its function perfectly, a phone will be all but useless in a few years' time," says Charlie Sorrel at Wired. "Still, that won't stop some idiots from dropping €4,700 ($6,800)" on this ostentatious, "anachronistic toy." Come on, says A Blog to Read. This phone looks far more functional and indestructible than your typical luxury phone, and you've got to admit, it is "very chic and good looking." Watch a promo for the pricey phone: