The video: Three sisters — 5-year-old Kamaria, 9-year-old Nya, and 10-year-old Nia — have become YouTube sensations with a song that castigates Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne for degrading women in his music. Singing over one of Wayne's more misogynistic songs, the girl group (who've christened themselves Watoto from the Nile) calls out the rap star with lyrics like "Don't you think it's kind of mean, to disrespect a royal queen?" and "Please Mr. Wayne, can you stop all the hurting?" Watch their surprise hit, "Letter to Lil Wayne," below.
The reaction:
"Inspiring," says Sherri Reed at The Stir. Instead of brushing off the criticism, the ways he does with adult feedback, maybe Lil Wayne will heed these girls' concerns. I hope so, says Amir Shaw at Rolling Out. He could really help the "black community and his young fans if he chose to rap more about the issues facing our youth." Yes, while "I am not looking to hear raps about washing laundry, skipping up the sidewalk or helping kids with homework," says Kyra Kyles at Redeye, I don't "want to be assaulted with constant stripper soundtracks, n-bombs, talk of swagger and champagne showers." Watch the girls lay into "Mr. Wayne":