The video: Jon Stewart has focused his satirical crosshairs on Fox News again, this time mashing up classic holiday animation clips to skewer the channel's coverage of the so-called "war on Christmas." (View video below.) One specific complaint: Fox News host Gretchen Carlson's decision to castigate a Tulsa-based parade organizer for changing the event's name from a "Christmas Parade of Lights" to a "Holiday Parade of Lights." "I admit," said Stewart, "the season wouldn't feel the same without people going out of their way to get offended by nothing."
The reaction:
Stewart's "annual mockery" of the "seasonal indignation over the ruination of Christmas cheer" has become a tradition of its own, says Colby Hall at Mediaite. "Only this time he and his team went all in," harnessing the power of beloved cartoon characters to make his point. "It's a War on Christmas miracle!" Still, Stewart made a serious point, says Ryan Witt at Examiner. When "Christians still dominate the cultural landscape in America," the idea that non-Christians are waging war on Christmas "seems more imagined than real." Watch the segment: