The video: First he inspired a hit song. Next, a political ad. Then he started hawking a pre-packaged Halloween costume inspired by himself. Now, Antoine Dodson — the Alabamian who gave a now-famous TV interview after chasing a would-be rapist from his sister's bedroom — is trying to parlay his fleeting viral fame into more cash, gamely referencing his tag lines, including "hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, hide yo' husband," in this promo for an iPhone and Android app called the "Sex Offender Tracker" that monitors the number of registered sex offenders in a given area. (Watch below.)
The reaction:
He's crossed a line, says The Huffington Post. While "it's pretty great that such an unfortunate incident... earned Dodson and his family enough money to buy a new home in a better neighborhood," his meme status just went "from 'overloaded' to just 'over.'" True, "Dodson's lines are getting stale," says Jared Newman at PC World, but his "ability to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame is arguably unparalleled." Even so, says Craig Hlavaty in the Houston Press, the would-be humor here "actually negates the good will behind the very idea of a sex offender app." View the ad for yourself: