While officially a Deerhunter record, Halycon Digest plays like a culmination of frontman Bradford Cox’s recent musical experiments, said Steven Hyden in the A.V. Club. For the past two years, Cox has divided his time between the messy art-punk of Deerhunter and the dreamy shambling of his solo project, Atlas Sound. His “two halves finally meet in the middle” on this collection of wistful indie-pop songs. Halcyon Digest is the Atlanta-based band’s “most exhilarating work to date,” said Marc Hogan in Pitchforkmedia.com. Cox and company have expanded their “instrumental palette” to include even a banjo and sax, and they’ve put their usually garbled lyrics front and center. The result is a “seamless album of emotional clarity.” From the “Southern gothic folk-rock” of “Revival” to the pluck and pull of the guitars on “Desire Lines,” Deerhunter creates “endless depths of intricacy” throughout Halcyon Digest. This is a record you’ll want to explore on headphones for hours.