A TV prankster is on the loose in the Midwest. The man, calling himself Kenny "K-Strass" Strasser, has appeared on regional television six times in the past month posing as an expert yo-yo trickster. But the only tricks he has been performing are on the bemused morning-show anchors. One time, Strasser turned up claiming to have forgotten the string for his yo-yo. Another time, he hit himself in the face and groin with the toy. This might be a "performance-art masterpiece," says Edith Zimmerman in New York magazine. "We ... love it." Convincing "rube after rube" he's a yo-yo champion requires almost as much skill as mastering the art itself, says the Huffington Post, introducing the video below. "It's a bit of a slow build, but oh my, what a payoff." Watch the extract from Friday morning's Good Morning Four States on KODE in Joplin, Mo: