Reality TV star Ryan Alexander Jenkins not only strangled “bikini model ex-wife” Jasmine Fiore, said Nancy Dillon and Bill Hutchinson in the New York Daily News, he also severed her fingers and removed her teeth to make her harder to identify, before dumping her naked body in an L.A.-area Dumpster, police said. Former Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant Jenkins reportedly “flew into a jealous rage” before the “grisly killing,” and now he’s on the run, probably in his native Canada.

It’s not Ryan Jenkins’ “first run-in with the law,” said Mary Vallis in Canada’s National Post. He was charged with assaulting a woman in Alberta in 2005—he got off after undergoing sex-addiction treatment—and last April he was arrested in Las Vegas for battering Jasmine Fiore. No wonder their marriage was so short—Fiore reportedly had it annulled.

The reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire missed a lot of red flags when they vetted Ryan Alexander, said Lisa de Moraes in The Washington Post. The production company issued the “the traditional Golly-Gee-How-Did-This-Happen-When-We-Vet-Our-Guys” excuse, and VH1 “went all pious,” canceling the show and scrubbing it from its website. Maybe VH1 can replace “Megan” with “a reality TV series about how TV networks vet contestants on reality series.”