"The Joker wasn't the last legacy Heath Ledger left," said Marian Liu in The Seattle Times. Before accidentally overdosing on prescription medication in 2008, the Dark Knight star began directing a music video for the rock band Modest Mouse, and it finally debuted online Tuesday. The Australian-born actor "wanted to raise awareness of illegal commercial whaling practices," and his video for the song "King Rat" "creatively flips the script, with whales steering a boat and spearing humans." (watch the video for "King Rat")

Ledger's music video for Modest Mouse "illuminates the late actor's passion for animal rights," said Paul MacInnes in the London Guardian, as well as "his close creative relationship with director Terry Gilliam." The "King Rat" video is "full of Gilliam-esque flourishes," and it was actually "completed by Gilliam and a collective of directors and artists who call themselves the Masses."

This wasn't the first music video Ledger had directed, said Sophie Tedmanson in the Times Online. He also "directed the video for the song "Morning Yearning," by the US singer Ben Harper, who is also a member of the Masses collective." Ledger's Modest Mouse video is especially "powerful" and "dark" though, but at least his "passion for the ocean has survived his death."