"Jon Gosselin is showing no signs of slowing down in his personal dating marathon," said Radar Online. Sine Kate Gosselin filed for divorce from her Jon & Kate Plus 8 co-star less than two months ago, Jon has been romantically linked to Hailey Glassman, Kate Major, and on Saturday was spotted with another "twenty-something woman" at a Pennsylvania bar/restaurant. The anonymous young lady was reportedly so "taken with Jon" that she drove her car back to his house "at 3 a.m. and stayed until 6 a.m."

This is "just getting silly," said Actress Archives. "You'd think he'd at least try and hold off on this sort of idiotic behavior until after divorce court." And if we were him, "we'd be downright terrified about what Kate Gosselin's reaction is going to be" when she finds out that he "brought a strange woman back to the Pennsylvania home that the couple has decided to alternate staying in while it remains the kids' home base at all times."

"Relax," said Stuart Heritage in Heckler Spray. This is just part of Jon Gosselin's "plan" to keep "viewers interested" in Jon & Kate Plus 8, which returns to TLC Monday night after a hiatus. What on earth will "Kate Gosselin's retaliation" be for Jon's recent behavior? "Now you'll watch the show, right?"