David Letterman is a thuggish "misogynist creep," said Jim Treacher in Hot Air. It was bad enough that the host of CBS' "Late Show" said that Sarah Palin looks like a "slutty flight attendant" (watch), but he crossed a line when he joked that the Alaska governor's 14-year-old daughter, Willow, got knocked up by Alex Rodriguez at a New York Yankees game (watch). You don't have to be an "inbred backwoods moron who can’t abide by any criticism of Sarah Palin whatsoever" to be disgusted by this.

The predictable outrage from nutty conservative bloggers would be "more tolerable," said Ron Chusid in Liberal Values, if conservatives didn't routinely make "far worse comments" about Democrats on talk radio and Fox News. And it's particularly "dishonest" to twist a joke about single-mother Bristol Palin into a joke "about raping a 14-year-old." Letterman's jokes may have been over the top, and not particularly funny, but Palin's critics have the same right to free speech that "right wingers" have.

Fine, so make jokes about Sarah Palin's "idiotic proposals," said John Cole in Balloon Juice. But—call me a "politically correct scold"—give the "slutty" nonsense and the jokes about pregnant children a rest. "There was no place for this kind of stuff with Hillary and Chelsea, there is no room for it with Michelle and their kids, and the same standard should apply for Sarah Palin and her kids."