"Foul-mouthed reality-TV chef Gordon Ramsay has shocked a public audience by vilifying a high-profile Australian journalist in an obscene, sexist rant," said FoxNews.com. During an appearance at the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne, Australia, over the weekend, Ramsay referred to Tracy Grimshaw as a lesbian, and "showed a picture of a woman—who appeared to be naked—on her hands and knees with the features of a pig and multiple breasts."

Gordon Ramsay "crossed the line" with his "sexist, homophobic remarks," said Perez Hilton. And "when the audience reacted negatively" to his "rant," he added insult to injury by saying, "What? I'm not saying she's a dyke." Now women's groups in Australia "are fuming" and want to kick Ramsay out of their country—"we couldn't agree more!"

Look, this is what the "headline-hunting Ramsay" does, said Wendy Tuohy in the Melbourne Herald Sun. His entire "TV brand is built on toxic outbursts," and "he's a very clever self-promoter." But if you meet him in person, as I have, "you get the strong feeling such boorishness is completely manufactured and more than a little bit desperate."