The U.S. is “tearing Pakistan apart” out of pique, said Eric Margolis in the Toronto Sun, and it could easily spark a major war. Angered by their inability to stem the rise of the Taliban, which is mostly ethnic Pashtun, the Americans are taking out their frustration on the Pashtun tribes in Pakistan. “CIA drone aircraft” are bombing the Pashtuns in the tribal areas, killing women and children by the hundreds. Washington’s insistence that the Pakistani military join the fight against the Pashtuns has already resulted in an “atrocity” in the Swat Valley, where more than a million people fled their homes. These “ham-handed policies” may well cause the Pashtuns to secede, joining with Pashtuns in Afghanistan to form Pashtunistan—at which point Pakistan’s Baloch people would also secede. If the U.S. keeps “acting like an enraged mastodon, trampling Pakistan underfoot,” the country “could end up like U.S.-occupied Iraq, split into three parts and helpless.”